Name and Logo Design are the very foundations of a brand on which depend their future success. They need to be relevant, unique, evocative and perhaps most importantly, simple. In the case of brand names, we take extra care to ensure that the names are available with ROC and as URL.


Even though the rules of packaging have changed subtly after the advent of ecom, the basics remain the same – a high impact eye ball grabbing packaging will always lead to better sales than a staid and boring one.

print production

Brochures and Catalogues are the very staple of the marketing of a B2B business. The Brochures need to generate interest and at the same time act as a tool to help close deals. While Catalogues should spread out the product range in an aesthetic and easy to understand manner.


4 to 5 seconds is all you have to grab the attention of a car driver and make her interested in your product or service. That’s what makes this medium so challenging. At the monks, we have mastered the art and science of effective outdoor design – be it hoardings, pole kiosks or facility posters.

social media

Brand Building and effective Social Media Marketing need not be mutually exclusive. At the monks, we have a crack team that is expert in not just the finer points of branding, but also the nuts and bolts of promotion over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

website design

A good website builds your brand while providing seamless functionality – be it ecommerce, image building or portfolio showcasing (like this one).

press campaign

Newspapers and Magazines impart credibility and quick awareness to a product. That’s why Press Campaigns remain an evergreen favourite for high involvement brands like real estate, cars, universities & colleges, etc.

electronic media

For many brands, especially those in the consumer durables, snack foods and FMCG products sector, TV and Radio ads play the lead role to push sales. At the monks, we’re experts in concept creation and scripting of TV and Radio Spots, having done over 80 TV Films till date and almost 50 radio spots.

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